Jobs: GM Assistant

Work content

1.Assist GM on daily management, coordinate GM to handle external public relations;

2.Follow up completion of operation target of the company, provide analytical opinion and improvement suggestions;

3.Provide specific solution for company management to the GM;

4.Assist GM to arrange schedule and agenda;

5.Follow up and implement decisions and regulations of the company.


1.Bachelor’s degree or above, business management, administrative management, HR management or related majors;

2.Over three years department manager experience, or more than 3 years GM assistant experience;

3.CET-4 or above, fluent oral English, English can be used as working language;

4.Short term business trip is available.

Wages and benefits

1.Social insurance and public accumulation funds will be paid for all employees;

2.Double holidays on weekends for domestic employees, state holidays are granted; overseas employees will rest on the holidays of that country.

3.Phone and traffic allowance: both phone and traffic allowance are granted for domestic employee, phone allowance is given to overseas employee.

4.Accommodation: free lunch for domestic employee, free meals and accommodation for overseas employee.

5.Holidays: overseas workers have 30 days holiday back in China every 12 months. Directors and managers could be home 15 days every 6 months; department managers who had worked in the company for more than 2 years, can have 20 days holiday back in China every 8 months.

6.Monthly salary around 8000 to 10,000. Working overseas will have allowance according to the company’s welfare regulation. 20% of the net profit is allocated to the employees.


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