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We always insist on the purpose of Quality First and Customer Utmost. We have great advantages in talent and technology with international standard and scientific management.


Our Tissue paper are produced by converting reels of Jumbo size of recycled waste paper. These waste paper are processed by professional paper engineers.
The by product of this recycled paper are reeled into Jumbo sizes and further converted into House hold tissue paper.


Prorich product sells its Jumbo reel to their numerous customers Nationwide.
Majority of our customers are small scale and medium size Tissue producer. These small and medium scale Tissue producers buys the Jumbo reels from Prorich and converts it into Tissue paper with their brand name.
Prorich Product also has their own brand of finished Tissue paper. This products are sold Nation wide.


Prorich products and its subsidiary sell and service paper machine.
We can supply, install and train staff of a prospecting company. Prorich product sells the 5-6 tons per day waste paper recycling machine and its accessories. We can also supply the converting machines.
We train operators of these machines as well.


Prorich imports/sales large quantity of chemicals. These include Chlorine, Soda and other bleaching chemicals for paper production.
We are fully licensed and have NAFDAC permit for chemical importation.